Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bombs and luthiers in Valencia of 1937-'38 Bombas y luthiers en Valencia 1937-'38

Valencia was bombed several times during the Civil War (1936-1939).
Some explosions were as close as 100m from a luthiers address.
The bomb nr.3 is some 300m from Vicente Tatay ...   .... but .....
    Look at the next photo of a bombardment on Valencia.  (looking South)
Main impacts at the railways to the Estación del Norte.
Impact A looks to be a miss and impact B looks a hit, but I have my doubts. 
    A much more interesting target was 600m to the left: huge military baracks with weapon stock. So the bombs A and B may have been mistakes.  And if true: I think Tatay was very lucky that day. The line of these bombs is exactly coinciding with Tatay's address, at nearly the same interval .....

Valencia fue bombardeado unas veces en la Guerra Civil (1936-1939).
Unas explosiones eran hasta una distancia de 100m de la talleres de guitarreros.
La bomba número 3 cayó a 300 m de Vicente Tatay  …. pero …
    Vease la foto próxima del bombardeo de Valencia. (viendo Sur)
Majores impactos a las ferrocarriles, luego de la estación del Norte.
Impacto A me parece un tiro errado y impacto B me parece acertad, pero .. :tengo dudas.

    Un blanco mucho más interesante estaba 600m a la izquierda: major cuartel de ingenieros con depósito de armas. Por lo tanto las bombas A y B me parecen errores.  Y, si es verdad, pienso que Tatay tuvo un día de suerte. La linea de estas bombas pasa exactamente con la casa de Vicente Tatay, y al (mas o menos) mismo intervalo…..  

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ibáñez * Valencia < ¿=? > Ibanez * Japan

From / Fuente: Archivo de Telesforo Julve.
Translation / Traducción: Lucía Vergara Herrero

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

..................................... Torres guitar - La Guitarra de Torres .............


The girl of Romero de Torres is looking mysterious to me, as is the Torres fretboard.
La niña de Romero de Torres me mira misteriosamente. Misterioso el diapasón de Torres también.

1965:  Spanish stamp by Romero de Torres - Sella de Correos por Romero de Torres

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New York Nostalgia 6 Andrés Vicente Tatay Tomás.


Andrés Vicente Tatay Tomás decided to find his luck in the USA and booked a steamer in Le Havre (Fr) for New York.
Andrés travelled under the name of his brother Vicente, he carried with himf $ 30,= , he was 1,69m in height and had brown hair and brown eyes. His first visit would have been to a friend Enrique Ervaz in Newark.
The Wall Street Crash + the Great Depression decreased the sales of guitars strongly and forced Andrés to relocate his family* to Valencia and make a new start there. Spain however had changed (and still was changing) strongly compared with the year he had left it.

The turbulent situations in Valencia towards 1936 (start of the Civil War) made him decide to make the journey back to New York again. Andrés’ family was brought “back home” on the freshly launched steamliner Normandie in 1935. On this trip Andrés travels under the name Vincente Tatay.

* Incl.:  Isabel Tatay Oller, Andrés Tatay, Victor Tatay 

First arrival in New York -
Primera llegada a Nueva York
Vapor - SS Rochambeau

Second arrival in New York -
Segunda llegada a Nueva York 
Vapor - SS Normandie

Information gathered from:
Archivo Telesforo Julve, Gabriel Tatay, January Williams, Andrés Tatay Blasco and the site of:

New York Nostalgia5: El Circulo Valenciano en la Nueva York de 1929


"El Circulo Valenciano" in New York published this bulletin-Almanaque in 1929 (being the year of the Wall Street Crash).
The full version can be downloaded. 
A. Vicente Tatay Tomás advertised on page 39 for guitarras, laúdes and bandurrias.

El Circulo Valenciano de la Nueva York publicó su buletin en 1929 (el mismo año del colapso del Bolso de Wall Street). 
Descargar la versión completa.  Anuncio de A. Vicente Tatay Tomás en la página 39 para guitarras, laúdes y bandurrias.

Info: Thanks to / Gracias a   Joaquín Ronda Perez !

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Who worked for Julve? ¿Quién trabajaban con Julve?

Do you like to know the names of 115 luthiers who worked for Telesforo Julve? 
Download the excel list which inludes some well known names.
¿Quieres saber los nombres de 115 guitarreros trabajando con Julve?
Descargue la lista en excel contiendo unos nombres famosos.
Period(o) 1909-1973

This is how it looks like:
La lista está así: