Sunday, March 3, 2019


On 13th of March of 2017, Marc van Camp sent me photos of a small instrument he had secured on a flea market in Belgium. His instrument label contained some surprises:

Label text:

On a paper strip: Valero Ramon
[ Under the paper strip: MARCHUET, BOLUDA &, ¿??  ]
Valencia (ESPAÑA)

SUCCURSALE:  64, Quai de Rive-Neuve, 46   MARSEILLE

Marchuet, which is known as being from Barcelona and now can be traced back to Valencia before he settled down in Barcelona.
Boluda was already known, but the joint venture with Marchuet is new.
Their branch in Marseille (F) was quite a surprise and nowhere recorded.
Valero Ramon: the original names were covered by a piece of paper bearing the handwritten name of Valero Ramon. I could not trace this name and assumed it was the agent for Marchuet and Boluda in Marseille. 
(that was march 2017)

Fourth person?
The ultimate letters of the original names are irreadable and could form a word or a name.
A logical word would be Cia., but the letter C does not fit nicely in the torn label.
Candidate names could be Sol and Sor  which look to fit better.

So far so good and everybody happy..... 
Untill, 30 december of 2018. When using the right search engine with the right keyword plus plenty of searching time, I encountered this 1911 publication from the Spanish Consulate in Marseille of deceased Spanish people abroad:

That was my december bingo:
Valero Ramón Gimeno: 1865 – 1911, died as luthier, born in Valencia - and most probably apprenticed in Valencia – emigrated to Marseille, where he worked at the Quai de Rive Neuve number 46, described as branch of Marchuet/Boluda/??.

The question on the fourth person is still to be solved ….  ..
When solved,...  
this is a small label of a small instrument, but a giant source of information indeed.

Thursday, February 21, 2019


 Pau family members were leaders in guitar building in 2nd part of XIX-century in Valencia .
Luthiers of the Pau family were:
Los miembros de la familia Pau fueron líderes en la construcción de guitarras en la segunda parte del siglo XIX en Valencia.
Luthiers de la familia Pau fueron:

Mariano Pau Lisart,

With aid of the archive of Institute Luis Vives relation between luthier families Albert, Hernández and Pau is also cleared up.
Those luthiers were
Con ayuda del archivo de Instituto Luis Vives, la relación entre las familias luthier Albert, Hernández y Pau también se ha aclarado.
Esos luthiers fueron:

José Albert y Mendoza,
Isabel Albert Roig,
José Albert Roig,
Antonio Hernández Carbonell,
Salvador Hernández Pau.

Family related luthiers in Valencia XIX century//vínculos familiares de los guitarreros en Valencia siglo XIX   

Guitarreros de la familia Pau / Luthiers of the Pau family.

Friday, November 2, 2018

2 de noviembre: Homicidio de / How Juan Balada was killed

Download (pdf) the report on Juan Balada Pañego here:  
Descargue (pdf) el reportaje sobre Juan Balada Pañego aquí:

Background foto used from: 

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Attention / atención: luthiers de guitarras antiguas

¡ Extensive information on stringed instruments from Spain !
¡ Amplia información sobre instrumentos de cuerda de España !

Impressive work of Javier and one of the most important publcations of many years in Spain.
Obra impresionante por Javier y una de las publicaciones más importantes de muchos años en España.

El tesis doctoral en pdf (17MB)  > 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Salvador Sancho + Vicente Parres + Juan Ponce + Arthur Carbonell

History of luthiers / Historia de los luthieres:
Salvador Sancho, Vicente Parres, Juan Ponce and 2x Arthur Carbonell

Download the datasheet -pdf- of each luthier via the link:
Descarga la página de datos -pdf- de cada luthier con este enlace: (versión español seguirá)