Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sorry for blocked onedrive files.

Today I have completed a switch from Microsoft's onedrive to Google-drive. Therefore the site  is operational again.
The luthiers list is still linked to onedrive and is operational again, however only with the general links per luthier. The links referring to years encountered are still blocked by Microsoft and may be cured later on.

Hoy he completado un cambio desde 1-drive de Microsoft a Google-drive. Por eso: el sitio  es utilizable de nuevo.
El listado "excel" es conectado a 1-drive todavía y  hoy también utilizable, sin embargo solamente los enlaces general de cada luthier. Los enlaces de la fuente de la fecha son bloqueado para Microsoft todavía y quizás mejorado en el futuro.
Ton Bogaard 10-06-2016

Recently the links to additional information and downloads are blocked by Microsoft.
I am investigating and may have to transfer all of my 300 documents to Google-drive.
I am busy,  I will return and it will be operational sooner or later.

El otro día Microsoft ha bloqueado unos enlaces de mis documentos.
Estoy investigando y quizás tengo que cambiar mis 300 documentos a Google-drive.
Por tanto:
Estoy muy ocupado, voy a volver y ... todo va a funcionar (tarde o temprano)

Ton Bogaard 25-05-2016

Sunday, May 15, 2016

New York: Spanish Music Center, Marilyn, Samuel Buenfiel, Andres Vicente Tatay

This photo with kind courtesy of  Gabriel Tatay.
The Spanish Music Center was on Manahattan, Theater district,

West 46 Street between 6th and 7th Avenues.
They made recordings, sold albums, sheet music and the guitars
 made by Andres Vicente Tatay Tomás.