Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tatay guitar labels


  1. Hello Ton! I love my Tatay. I have a different label than any above, how can I send it to you?

  2. Hi Coilhead: you make me curious. The address is gmail with forename tonybogaard.
    Is it OK for you when I add your label to the data sheet of Tatay?
    Looking forward
    greetings from Holland

  3. Hi Ton !
    Luiz Fonseca from São Paulo, Brasil here !
    I was granted a Tatay Guitar with the last label shown here (Andrew and Gabriel Tatay). It has inside a number 6 - 1966. Does it mean it was made in june 66 ? Was it hand crafted or a already a series ? Thanks !

  4. Hi Luiz: I have to say, I do not know about these numbers inside the Tatay. I will try to find out, but that can take some time >>> keep you posted.
    Kind regards

  5. Hi again Luiz, I am afraid I will not get an answer to your question. In the meantime I came across y site where I found this note:
    The month and year of manufacture is stamped with an office date stamp on the soundboard cross bar just to the neck end of the soundhole. Other Tatays I have seen were stamped the same.
    Which fits to your question I guess.